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It was in the Spring of 1993 Terracotta, the independent fashion store was formed by the husband and wife duo the Griffiths’. The business started its trading days in the oldest shop (Tom Brown’s School Days) in the market town of Rugby, Warwickshire.

Since then it has moved to another location to larger premises and now operates in the digital form much like most other modern retailers.

Through the time-line of Terracotta daughter Anna joined the business in 2004 and the store has benefitted with the assistance of valuable team members along the way and presently that have contributed to the story and success of this exciting company.

The vision has always been to sell stylish, beautiful and original clothing of great quality but not at extreme prices. A good price point mix is imperative! The collections are not age biased, the items should be worn by the wearer in their own interpretation to make it theirs and most importantly to be enjoyed and loved! The long-standing customer base goes to prove this ethos really does work.

It never stops, the team constantly research and gather new labels, styling ideas and generally what’s next! Consistent online publicity and regular engagement with fashion influencers and followers considerably helps to showcase their products and concept.

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