Ashiana - Eclectic Affordable and golden

Ashiana this beautiful jewellery range is artisan jewellery that elevates any outfit. Here’s what the designer says :-


It’s the beaten texture with a pop of colour.  We really focus on working with artisans and preserving handmade practices which is why I will always prefer a beaten or hand textured finish in our pieces. It gives the artisan a chance to express and the wearer something truly unique.


Why is it important to you that Ashiana pieces are affordable? 

I think accessories enhance any outfit and we ensure that our artisans are fairly paid but we also design our pieces in such a way to ensure they are accessible to buy. Everyone should  have access to pieces that just give your outfit a boost and are good quality.  

Where do you go in search of inspiration?

Markets, markets and markets.  I love a vintage market, flea market - basically any kind of stall market.  You can find textures and patterns in old vases, pots, anything with texture really. I adore rummaging through to find inspiration.  A  vintage carpet was the inspiration for one of our best-selling beach bags! I find old coins or charms and to recreate them and give them a new lease of life is so rewarding!

Which ‘jewellery rules’ do you think need to be broken? 

There are two I think we need to break.  Firstly - “ Less is more”  - said no one who loves jewellery.  I definitely would take an Iris Apfel approach of more is more.  The second rule that needs breaking is “not mixing gold and silver”.  Mixing metals looks great - and if you mix then it suits every single skin type.

One design style might be reviewed by 12 different team members before the final product is launched."


16 products

16 products