Terracotta Boutique is delighted to introduce Meisïe, a brand that embodies the essence of unique design, quality, and affordability. Founded in 2009 by the visionary duo Noelia Peinado and Marc Sorensen, Meisïe is the fruit of a shared passion for fashion and an extensive journey through the fashion industry. With backgrounds enriched by their work with several Scandinavian fashion companies, Noelia and Marc's encounter was the catalyst for merging their professional paths to create a brand that stands out in the fashion world.

Located in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Meisïe has flourished under the creative direction of Noelia, who oversees design and the visual aspects of the brand, while Marc spearheads the brand's international market development. Their collaborative effort has been focused on fulfilling the demand for special, high-quality, and well-designed products at accessible prices.

Noelia's affinity for an ethnic, romantic, and bohemian style, influenced by Scandinavian minimalism, has defined Meisïe's collections. This unique blend has allowed the brand to evolve and improve over time, presenting collections that are rich in detail and reflect the brand's distinct identity.

Meisïe's commitment to excellence and innovation has been met with great enthusiasm, enabling its presence at the most prestigious fashion fairs on the current scene. Terracotta Boutique is proud to feature Meisïe, a brand that promises to bring a touch of uniqueness and style to your wardrobe with its beautifully crafted designs.

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5 products