Carmela Shoes

Carmela's models, made of leather, come out of the hands of our most expert craftsmen to give it the seal of quality they deserve. Carmela is committed to putting at your fingertips the type of footwear and accessories you have always dreamed of.

All our footwear is designed in Spain, with the care and affection that your feet deserve, because we want you to be perfect and elegant, that your footwear accompanies you in your life and highlights your most elegant moments.

The details make the difference and in Carmela we know it. That's why we put all our love in them, even in the slightest. From the laces, to the toe, through the finish. We want footwear to define you, to be perfect and elegant. We want to offer you the shoes you've always dreamed of. Quality and comfortable footwear, but above all elegant and fashionable.

Design and comfort go hand in hand with anatomical slips that fit the foot perfectly, cushioned insoles, flexible cork or rubber soles and a stylish design that will make you make a difference. The perfect brooch to complete your look.

At Carmela we are governed by trends, we study them, we unravel them, we analyse them... but above all, we break them. Only in this way can we score and lead them. We like to interpret the trends and provide them with the necessary inspiration that you asked us so much to continue growing as a reference brand in footwear.

Carmela's variety is immense, as wide as your tastes. You can find flat or heeled soles, with a padded finish or with fringe decoration. Always with perfect finish and glamour not only in footwear, also with the collection of leather bags. A perfect combination for your most select days.

The trust placed in us helps us innovate and bet on new lines and improvements, classic and avant-garde, because the most trendy can be associated with quality and comfort. Meet Carmela and enjoy her many options

4 products

4 products