Sence Copenhagen


      Stunning jewellery designed in Scandinavia combining fashion and design.Beautiful pieces to add that Scandinavian look to your wardrobe !


      The majority of our jewelry are made with a base of brass embellished with either a gold or silver plating.
      If you are wondering why we have chosen brass as base material for most of our unique pieces, here’s just a few reasons:

      • Brass is one tough alloy, which makes it a very durable metal.
      • It holds up against heat and moisture, which is why we are confident about the lifetime of our products (if our care advice is followed!)
      • Brass is hypoallergenic and easy to clean and care for, and as an extra bonus brass does not break easily.
      • Brass is one of the metals that is highly resistant to corrosion and it just won't rust under normal indoor conditions.
      • Brass, unlike some of other metals, is non toxic and has no links to health complications.


      7 products

      7 products