Time For A Walk?!


Photo courtesy of Jukka Heinovirta, Unsplash.


    Despite the current news of another lockdown. It must be said -  a very Happy New Year to you all! Hoping you all had as lovely a Christmas and New Year celebration as could be had as we had said goodbye and good riddance to a year that will certainly go down in history! Although we are not out of the woods yet there is hope on the horizon. Anyway I will not dwell and instead give some light relief with this blog as we look ahead.

    So after our many indulgences that give us much comfort and joy we now think about getting out and about in the crisp, cool air and going for our winter walks. The good thing is we can still go out for our daily exercise so out come the fitbits and the pedometer apps are on record or you may not bother with any of that which is fair enough. On a good day we have had bright blue skies and the sun shining and even some snow fall, depending where it is you are reading this in the country and even further beyond. It does feel lovely to get out there and get moving. It can be cold and wet but that should'nt deter us, we just need to wear the right things. 

    Even better our January Sale boasts some great coats, jackets and warm items to step out into. 


    Favour Faux Fur 


    This is a rather glam piece for a walk but would be lovely for a town walk on a dry day and nowhere near the mud!


    Practically Perfect 

    This coat offers a warm but light in weight layer with a hood with extreme fur trim. You can put it with anything as it's black, as easy go-to colour and it always looks smart.


    The Black Sheepskin Coat

    This has similar appeal to the afore mentioned but has the added advantage of its tactile quality. The silver hardware also gives good design finishes. No hood but no need to worry just add the scarf, hat and gloves and you are ready for that stroll.


    Sleek In Sky Blue

    Sublime, light, neoprene jersey in a simplistic, Scandi, minimalist look. Throw on the extreme scarf in sky blue and mustard which really shows up over an understated layer.


    Leopard Love 

    The leopard print game is still strong and we have this puffa coat in store waiting to go to a good home. It is also reversible and so you have 2 coats in 1. The other side is plain taupe. Partner up with this coral scarf to liven up your look.


    Classic Camel Coat 

    Wrap this coat around yourself, no zips, buttons just the belt to fasten around the waist. This coat takes inspo from many of the major designers the past season.

    So we have a round up of some excellent potential buys. Be quick to avoid disappointment. Our inventory changes regularly and more so within our sale phase. Enjoy those winter walks and do stay safe.X x


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