Well here we are, over a year later and the effects of Corona Virus are still a predominant aspect of our lives. With travel still being so uncertain, most of us have opted for a staycation getaway this summer. Here are some tips and tricks to best pack for the Great British weather and how to lighten your load when traveling. 

Less is more

When packing for a week or two holiday, consider how many times you will wear each outfit. We are all guilty of packing a new outfit for every day, when realistically we tend to stick to certain looks that are comfortable and easy. Consider non fuss clothing for the day time, as walking, cycling and beach trips will most likely be the main activity on a British Holiday. Our super chic and easy Haven Palma White Shirt or our Eb&Ive Black Sable Top are great pieces to re wear whilst away.

Capsule Wardrobe 
Having a capsule wardrobe is the best way to utilise all your clothes when on holiday. Consider colours that mix and match well together , stick to a theme and look so that you can re-make new outfits. Dresses are an excellent base to a capsule wardrobe, they are an outfit done in one and can be dressed up or down. Take our Dream Tuscany Dress, a beautiful  piece that can be worn casual in the day or dressed up for a dinner out. If you prefer a slightly shorter dress, take our Black Colour Luna Dress and wear as a casual tunic in the day, or dress up with a heeled sandal for the evening.
Weather Appropriate 
When holidaying in Britain, we have to be optimistic but realistic. Always pack a knit or jacket wherever you go, because chances are it will definitely be needed. Keep it fun and even light weight, but one thing for sure is that it will be appreciated on that evening stroll or windy day.  Take any of our Black Colour knits as a prime example, fun summer colours but a bit of extra warmth when needed. The Black Colour Karma Cardigan or the Great Plains Denim Jacket would provide the perfect layering option for a chic and practical staycation look.
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